Positive country bumpkin

Hey guys,

Newbie to blogging but done my research and sounds just up my street. People have always helped me so now it’s time to help others.

I’m 24 years old, a country bumpkin from Norfolk. Since I left school I’ve been a care assistant for adults with learning disabilities, mental health and now elderly at the Royal British Legion. I live with my boyfriend who is a agricultural farmer, his lovely and so supportive! I’m a Capricorn so as you can imagine I’m very strong minded and an independent women.

In march 2017 I was diagnosed with a glioma Brain Tumour which was devastating news for me. I will do another blog next week all about this and how it’s changed my lifestyle.

This lead me on to become Miss Norfolk 2017 and Miss Inspirational 2017 with a positive vibe and a can do attitude to almost everything.

I feel now it’s time for me to spread a positive vibe onto other women, maybe you lack confidence or feel like your trapped in a routine world. I can help you change this.

I will post a blog once a week at least giving you updates of my country lifestyle after being diagnosed, giving you confidence tips and guides, getting all women giving a positive vibe, a can do attitude throughout life, why can’t your dreams come true? Career dreams, make it happen!

If your ambitious but lack confidence or positivity then keep reading my blogs. I’m here to help all women out there. There’s no bigger dreams than your dream! In 1 year I want little country bumpkin to be talked about and have mega hits by women, bringing that positive vibe across the uk!

I will be doing videos on my YouTube page also, if you want to reach out to me then feel free to comment or go to my Facebook page – Little Country Bumpkin.

Feedback on my first blog would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys for reading!

E x

Featured post

Gym clothing

Hey guys,

I want you to get to the end of this blog and feel as if you have a more more confidence in how to get fit!

You either want to go to the gym to lose weight or get toned yea? Everyone that goes in the gym are there because they don’t like their body! Simple! So if I’m right in thinking that why do I always here people say “I can’t go to the gym because people will look at me and judge”. This makes me laugh sometimes, what right do they have to judge about your body if their at the gym changing there’s as well? CRAZY how our minds work.

Then I hear I’ll wear jogging bottoms and a hoodie then they can’t see anything! Wow guys your be sweating bad!

Get the shorts or leggings out, a vest or sports bra on and give yourself some motivation to change for the better. You can’t worry what others think.

I try and where leggings and sports bra so I can look in mirror while I’m working out to give me that motivation to keep going for the body I want. It certainly does help.

I get all my fitness clothing from https://www.juststrongclothing.com 💥10% off – EHUDSON10💥. Awesome fitness/causal clothing that make you feel amazing while working out.

This is a hoodie I brought the other day to put on once I come out of the gym!!! I do have loads though, slogan t-shirts, leggings and shorts, sport bras and gym bag.

Do me a favour while your reading this go to a mirror or turn onto your selfie camera, look at yourself for a min …….. THATS YOUR COMPETITION 💪🏻

Aim high and aim for what you want your body to be, REMEMBER Strong Not Skinny!

Lose weight or get toned whatever it is you want to do get them awesome gym clothes of and workout! Go to the gym or get a long mirror at home and workout there!

💥https://www.juststrongclothing.com 10% off using discount code EHUDSON10 💥


thanks for reading,

E x

Awaiting my results

Hey readers,

Sorry I’ve not been blogging much recently, I’ve been working a lot of overtime after covering from flu.

On Tuesday I had my 6 month scan on my brain Tumour and I’m awaiting my results. I wanted to tell you abit about what I’ve been up to too keep my mind set straight!

Apart from drinking lots of tea and seeing friends and family, I’ve been keeping up with drinking the correct amount of water every day (8 glasses), which has kept my energy up and my mind on the right track.

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the studio of That’s Tv Norfolk in Norwich and spoke to the presenter about raising more awareness of brain Tumours and how I’m hoping to help others get through difficult times too. This will be aired on freeview channel 7 tonight at 6!

The last week as well I’ve been planning my next charity event next year and how I can raise my target for an amazing charity Brain Tumour Research. Plans are coming together in my notebook and all will be revealed soon.

I’ve also been asked as Miss Norfolk to judge a Christmas pageant taking place in Norwich on the 9th Dec by the Kerri parker academy, which will be amazing and I’m very excited about! If you want to enter contact them via the link below. Remember this gave me the biggest confidence boast ever! This pageant is also raising money for Brain Tumour Research!


And finally I’ve been doing my ambassador promotions a the awesome clothing brand Just Strong Clothing which is fitness/casual clothing to promote empowering women. Please take a look and use the discount code EHUDSON10 💥


So moral of the blog is keep yourself occupied even if in the back of your head things are hard at the moment because that smile will get you through anything!!

Results of scan should be with me next week!

Thanks for reading,

E x

Thirsty Thursday

Day 4/7 weekly motivational blogs 💪🏻

My motivation water bottle arrived!!!

Do you know how many litres of water you should drink a day?

2 litres a day!

8 eight-once glasses!

Well I had no idea how to measure these and while I’m at work I can’t be bothered to check the glass size. Then I discovered these amazing water bottles, they have times on it and how much you should drink so every hour drink the bottle and just refill! They also have so many different quotes you can put on them. Perfect!

As I am now pushing hard with my fitness motivation and workouts, I’ve researched the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day.

Not only does it help your health it also helps your skin, nails, hair!! Makes you look and feel beautiful!

It’s flushed out bacteria and toxins in your body so hopefully you don’t get ill as much.

Hydrated your skin

Boast your immune system

Fights infections

Gives you energy

Helps aid digestion

There’s just some reasons why it is so important to drink the correct amount a day.

Thanks to my new water bottle I can do this now! Along side being a ambassador for a women’s fitness clothing company.

Shop here @juststrongclothing use promo code EHUDSON10

Thanks for reading

E x

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!!

Be proud of your self you’ve made it half way through the week. We’re getting there!

So today I want to encourage people to think positively about their life.

Sometimes do you sit and think your life is rubbish and your the only person that is having a bad day? Everything is going wrong?

Well your not the only person, most of us have these thoughts at some point.

I’m going to give you some reasons to be positive because although it sounds easy sometimes it’s not!

Positive minds attractpositive events.

If your positive then you will attract positive things into your life.

Great relationships.

Choose a positive attitude and you will start to see the good in people and ignore their defaults. Your also creating a positive atmosphere around you.


It has been proven in science studies that positive vibe shows that it has affect on your health. People who are positive are less likely to get depression or to become ill so much.

First impression.

Be positive as a priority, people are attracted to kind, friendly personality’s and this shows through your thoughts.

Stress free.

Stress never solves problems, stress is caused through worrying. Positive people overcome stress more easily.

Key to success.

Positive people are more successful then negative people. When you think positive thoughts success just becomes easier.

Problems into opportunities.

Negative thoughts blind peoples eyes. When your thinking positively your eyes are wide open and you can see the glass half full and not half empty. You will see that all problems can be solved and turning it into a opportunity.

Boast of motivation.

Positivity will build your motivation and help Your achieve goals more quickly and easily.

Beauty will shine within.

Being positive helps you to look beautiful. All you have to do is think positive thoughts and that beings on smiles, less spots through stress, friendly and happy personality which attracts people. Your inner beauty will shine through for people to see on the outside.

Hope they all help. They’ve certainly helped me.

Thanks for reading,

E x

Think Tuesday

Day two of my motivation week!

I’ve called today Think Tuesday as I believe it’s good to give your goals a good think through.

You need to think about goals that you haven’t achieved yet but are willing to give it 100% to achieve it.

Keep your goal to yourself I say because people seem to love putting others down. If you keep it to yourself or only telling close people, when you do achieve it you’ve shown them you can do anything by yourself. My god it makes you feel on top of the world!

I’ve been speaking to my nephew who is just 8 years old Oliver and he tells me about his goal in life. In 10 years time he wants to be somewhere in the footballing industry, his plans to concentrate on specific subjects at school to lead him into his goal, Oliver has given me examples of wanting to study in sports science of the body and maybe in BTec Sports.

Even at a young age it’s good to have goals in life!

Valuing your goals is important, your goals then become your lifestyle if you value them which encourages you to work hard for them.

Some people say you have a lifetime to fulfil your goals but I believe this depends on what your goal is and how you look at it. For me I set myself time limits because I feel I work harder on getting things done and achieve them if they have to be done by a certain time.

Examples– Saving money for something, this would be on a time limit. Eg saving for a house you would work hard to save and say in 2 years time I’m going to apply for a mortgage.

You can set yourself a goal regarding anything! This maybe be a career change, going on holiday to a certain place (maybe you have to save), going travelling, a house, having something special you’ve always wanted? Anything is possible!

I hope that Think Tuesday Blog has explained more about how to set yourself goals and why it’s important.

Thanks for reading,

E x

Motivation Monday

7 days of fun, enjoyable reads & tips!

Motivation Monday, what did you get up to?

I have decided that I really need to push myself to getting fit, energetic and motivated! I have a week off work holiday and not planed anything, I’m full of cold and keep picking up horrible bugs, plus I feel tired all the time! What is wrong with me I ask myself?

It’s time to get fit!!

Where to begin I thought, I don’t really have the money to pay membership to go to a gym every month (although I think this would help more). I don’t have any trainers or sports clothes. I need something to encourage.

Get something to encourage me?

It just so happens that I received an email today asking me to be an ambassador for JustStrong Clothing. Which is a sporty clothing brand promoting strength in women and showing their inner self! PERFECT!

Get your clothes?

Well for me it’s easy I ordered from my site (which I will add a link in later & discount code so please keep watch for that). I then went to my local JD Sports where they had some awesome sales on and picked up my trainers at bargain price of £30! REMEMBER these clothes/trainers will see you through all your exercise you won’t have to keep paying out every month!

Choose your exercise?

I had in my head I was just going to go running three times a week but I feel that’s a bit boring and if it’s raining I’ll get put off. So I had a look on Pinterest and amazing people have kindly made monthly timetables! So I looked through them and found the one that looked challenging but would keep me going and downloaded it. Print it off and stick it on your door!! Remember put it somewhere where you can see it as soon as you get up in the morning.

When to do your exercise?

I personally aim to do it in the morning when I get up then have a healthy breakfast. It’s starts your day off right! Although I know it’s sometimes hard if you start work early or you got the get the kids ready for school so do it when you feel is best for you but just cancel out an hour of your day (like you was going to the gym).

Give it a go!!

E x



Do you have lazy Sundays or Sunday funday? Or do you just dread that it’s Monday tomorrow?

For me it depends on a number of things..

Today is Sunday and I’m having a chilled one because I’ve got a weeks holiday! Plus it’s raining outside and I’m full of cold. We went for breakfast this morning though and there seems to be a lot of people about so it got me thinking about how people spend there Sundays so differently.

In the summer Sundays were more SUNdays so they would be called Sunday funday! Every Sunday a group of us friends would plan do go out together for the day. Would usually be going to the seaside and arcades, as we live so close the seafront.

As the summer starts to fade and the autumn draws in my Sundays become more of lazy Sundays. As the weather turns cold and wet all I want to do is stay in by the fire, cosy on the sofa and watch a film.

Or are you someone who by lunchtime Sunday your already thinking it’s Monday tomorrow and dread the going back to work? If you are then here’s a tip! Make the most of a Sunday because it sets you up for the week. Sunday for me as a Care assistant my week starts on a Sunday ends Saturday! So imagine if come Saturday I dreaded Sunday because of work I wouldn’t even have a weekend.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

So I just asked John what he thought Sundays are for and he said that i should of gone shopping this morning then cooked a roast as tradition this afternoon! Haha he don’t want much. As he is a farmer and been brought up in old traditional ways I do understand it. There are people out there now that are doing that shopping and cooking a roast. I guess you could say his worked very hard every day all week and just wants a roast on a Sunday which is fair.

So one thing I’ve learnt today is everyone is so different in their routine! I love Sundays, end the week and set up how I want to next week to follow. Don’t dread the Monday live for the Sunday. Don’t waste a day of weekend worrying about the week.

Lazy or fun Sundays are here!

Thanks for reading.

E x

Motivation & Positivity

Hey Guys,

I wanted to write a blog and share with you how i get through a bad day, because we all have them. Some days i get up and have the most biggest motivation drive and positive attitude, others days i wake up up and cant function enough to get out of day. Feeling like i have a massive weight on my shoulders and my life is awful. Thats not lazy thats realising you need to find your inner drive to get you motivated.

One biggest tip I’m going to give you is SMILE from the moment you wake up. Even if you don’t feel like it, just give it a little go. A smile makes you beautiful. I always remember a saying i was told once, keep your head high and your smile higher. That saying has helped me through life.

When your having a bad day try to stay focused on yourself. Push yourself to get up because normally i feel lot better once I’m up and getting through the day but i know its hard to get up at first. Tell yourself that you can do this and your going to have a good day. When you wake up try and remember to be grateful for everything you have in life that sometimes helps me.

Once your up and started your day put on that smile, get yourself organised for the day so you don’t have a stress about anything. Split your day up to small steps and focus on the most important subject of the day. I write a to do list then prioritise what to do first (other subjects can wait).

Get yourself away from negative situations whether that means, taking yourself away from negative people or if you cant do that, think of one positive out of the person or situation. If you prefer to be sociable still this is awesome but interact with enthusiastic people so their positive vibes follows you. We all know if we go see a friend and they have lots of motivation and smiling you come away having the same vibe! If you see a friend and they are miserable then you come away feeling drained and low.

I find when I’m feeling tired, low and stressed i put some motivational music on, watch videos or even read a motivational book. You can find these items on amazon! Click here.

If you work in a office my advise would be to shut the door, turn phone on silent if you can and concrete. Have time for yourself so your not getting stressed or being interrupted. If your work is like mine (care assistant) there are lot of us working at once and it can be hard sometimes. We don’t always agree on things, we all a very strong minded people. So sometimes to get work done its a good idea to turn a negative upside down and make a positive. Competitions are the best! Whoever does that first has to buy the other a chocolate bar! If your a chocolate lover like me this will motivate you!

I always head towards a goal in life, whether this is to do with your personal life, work life, education. The goal i set is my personal social life, due to being diagnosed i now have goals i have set and will try to do. Could be something you want to do but never pushed yourself, what you want to be doing in 5 years time, a dream career to push yourself too? (Thats my dream) in which I’m now trying to achieve. If you fail its ok, failure in my eyes are good because you learn to be strong and pick yourself back up again. With failure i always get feedback then you can see that you need to pick up on.

All thoughts that are negative going around in your head, write them all down in note form on a piece of paper. Once you’ve done this screw the paper up in a ball, close your eyes and imagine your putting the paper in a suitcase – close the lock on the suitcase and put the suitcase in the loft. You can then open your eyes a put the paper in the bin. This really helped me and i still do it at 24 years old. I imagine to put it in a suit case because i feel some bad thoughts i will never be able to get out of my head but at least if i can imagine they are locked away then they will stay at the back of my head. So give that ago!

Anyway i think I’ve gone on enough now but always remember!

Be grateful, Be kind to yourself, Be fun and SMILE!

Thanks for reading,

E x

Autumn outfits must haves!

Hey guys, 

If your anything like me who love your fashion and getting in with the seasons then keep reading. I have picked out my top autumn outfits must haves are bugain prices. We all know that looking through magazines and celb outfits can be dishearting when you can barely afford a mc donalds! 

Style is style regardless whether you pay the odds for designer or cheap bagains online. We all love fashion so who cares where its from if you make it look good. 

I get alot of my fashion online so i have set up my top list of online fashion shops and just were you can get your bargains from. 

  1. Amazon 
  2. Ebay outlet shops
  3. Pretty little things
  4. Miss guided
  5. Boohoo
  6. Newlook 
  7. H&M 
  8. Chic me 


   Perfect sytle for a walk in the woods, feeling good in autumn. 
  • Tweed jacket from Tottie 
  • Jeans from H&M 
  • Scarf from Joules 
  • Timberland boots 
All of this outfit you can get from amazon so much cheaper and look the same awesome style. 
Click on the link to see the perfect similar jacket to top off your style. 

Also try outfits like: 

  1. oversized jumper with tigh high boots. 
  2. Black Leather skirt, tights, small ankle boots and burgandy long sleved tops. 
  3. Get out your big knitted jumpers with black jeans or the perfect midi skirt.
  4. Long blazer coats are in! 
  5. Tigh high/over the knee boots go perfect and so stylish with any outfits.
  6. Big knit wear this season 
  7. Big scarfs perfect to keep you warm and stylish 
  8. Midi skirts
  9. Autumn colours – browns, burgandy, orange, sand/stone. 
  10. Just remeber be colourful, be bold and be stylish! 

Keep watch for more fashion tips and styles! 

E x 

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